About us

we don’t want to only
Offer you a service, but to bring real quality and comfort in your life!



We work with a lot of love,
joy and motivation.


For us honesty is very important and we appreciate your trust.


The love for details is the
foundation of our work.

Who are we?

We are a young, dynamic, and trustworthy cleaning company in Vienna!

We love hygene and cleanliness and we love even more to offer you professional and high quality cleaning services.

We know how important the cleanliness and harmony of your home and work place is for your mind, body and spirit and for your happy, balanced and quality life.

We are here for you!

You can simply trust us and relax!

Our cleaning ladies are professional, experienced, qualified and motivated to bring you the best cleaning service that you deserve.

It is our great joy to offer you high quality services and bring more quality in your life!

Diana Buchelska Owner

What does the name belunis mean?

Belunis is an ancient God of everything good, beautiful and valuable in life.

Belunis means light, goodness, happiness, abundance, cleanliness and purity.

We take these qualities and powers in our work and implement them in all that we do.

We offer you valuable, honest, high quality, trustworthy services to bring more beauty and harmony in your life and work.

What makes us different?

What we do is not just work for us, it is a calling and a form of art.

What makes us different than other cleaning companies?

It is the love, the attention and the passion in all aspects if our company.

We put a lot of attention in offering you the best cleaning services in accordance to your needs.

Our services are tailor made to fit your unique cirtcumstances and desires.

We don’t want to just offer you a service but to bring real quality and comfort in your life!