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Your trustworthy partner and consultant in everything around cleaning

The cleanliness, hygiene and the good look of your house or building are very

important to us


The cleanliness of your house or workplace is extremely important for your well-being and your mental and emotional balance and harmony.


The right hygiene is very important for a healthy, happy, and balanced life.
You should always be vigilant that you keep the highest hygiene in your home.

good look

A nicely decorated and cared-for home or workplace guarantees a harmonious, productive, and fulfilled life.

Leave everything in our professional hands

We are here to help you and consult you so that you can enjoy a clean, harmonious, and pleasant atmosphere in your work or private spaces.

home cleaning

With a lot of love for details, we take care of the cleanliness
and enjoyable atmosphere of your home.
You don’t have to spend anymore lots of hours cleaning your
We know that your time is precious.
Leave this in our hands  we will take care of the cleaning and
the good look of your home.
We create an atmosphere of comfort and quality.

Staircase cleaning

The staircase is the image of your building.
When it is not cleaned and cared for regularly it makes a bad impression on the people who live or work there.
That’s why you need a professional cleaning that will take care of it regularly, thoroughly, and consistently.
It is our work and joy to keep the staircase of your building in
the best shape!

Window Cleaning

We are happy to help you with the cleaning of the windows in your home.
We know how important it is to keep all aspects and parts of your home in a good and clean state and we know that you don’t always have the time and wish to take care of all of this alone.
We are very happy to help you with it!

We are here to make your life easier and to support you by cleaning all parts of your beautiful home.

Holiday apartment cleaning

You are renting out a holiday apartment in
Vienna and need someone to help you with
the end cleaning and the welcoming of your guests?

You are at the right place with us!
We have experience with the cleaning
of holiday apartments.
We are here for you!

We are here for you!





It is our great joy to offer you high-quality services!

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